Dwight's Equipment

Dwight's Bb trumpet is custom made by Joseph Marcinkiewicz of Canby, Oregon. It's a Vermeer model #3 named after the famous Dutch painter Johannes Vermeer. The horn is a medium-large-plus, with a duo bore .459-.464 cut. It carries a hand made 5 inch bell with a #7 lead pipe for a open, free-blowing sound and feel. Marcinkiewicz has built trumpets for many well known West Coast trumpeters including Bobby Findley and John Foss (now living in Maine). Marcinkiewicz prides himself on his special blend of alloys that go into making his horns. He uses a certain amount of RED brass for its dark carrying power with YELLOW brass for its brighter sound. This is all wrapped around a set of hand finished MONEL designed pistons capped on each end with gold plated keys and end caps.

Dwight's favorite mouthpiece is a Bob Reeves special. It is similar to the mouthpiece Bob designed for Chuck Findley approximately eight years ago before Reeves came out with his dynamic mass mouthpiece line. The mouthpiece has a large rim (comparable to the Bach #1 rim) with a modified V-cup design. Dwight believes the Bob Reeves mouthpiece designs are "tough to beat in the comfort department." It allows him to play long periods of time without getting tired. "Bob Reeves' rims are the best I have ever played on," Dwight says vigorously. "If one is a serious player and wants to put a lot of time in on their horn, check out this equipment."